in beta

It’s so exciting to know ’s recently unveiled a upgraded beta vision (check it out NOW) with a long list of new and updated features. You see, not a lot has been changed since 2003 when was acquired by Google. The release of new Blogger convinces all bloggers across the world the search engine Titan has prepared as powerful a weapon as AdSence, Earth, Google Talk, etc. to amaze the world again.

The beta version improves the Blogger’s usability and help it catch up to the state of the art. I think there are five obvious improvements:

  1. Improved dashboard. More user-friendly interface and more easy to use.
  2. Dynamic serving. It’s really a great improvement compared to current version, and most of other blogs. Now you can make any of your changes to your blog least immediately visible.
  3. Label functionality. You can add tags to your posts so that they can be accessed more easily. In fact, category has been available by Google’s competitors for long.
  4. Access control. You can make your blog either open for public or only available for visitors with permit.
  5. Easy template editing. Very easy to edit colors and fonts, add or remove a page element, and change position of some element by simply dragging. But HTML editing functionality has not been available yet.

Of course, there are more new features in the beta version. I think the best way to learn more is to try it out. In fact, Google is inviting a limited number of current Blogger users to switch over to the beta version. Unfortunately, I’m not invited, so I simply go create a new account for the beta and now I am having fun (ahhhhmen@beta).

By the way, Blogger promises all users will be able to switch eventually. Look, patience will give you a new Blogger, just the time.


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