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For a week, this blog went, again, unaccessible (in China mainland) owing to, I guess, bad servers of China Telcom or worse politicians. Gosh, I even have on ider how much longer it will take!

During these tough days Chiu invited me (in an inefficient way) to a game — if I may call it a game, in which I need to answer copious questions and forward the questions, with one more added by me, to another 8 persons. I accepted it and took some time to finish so many questions (even silly ones) and look for next answerers. Now I’m ready and I hope my successors the same.

Since this blog is not available, I build a simple web site with Google Page Creator to post my questions and answers, as well as invitations to friends. [check it out here.]

Okay, guys, enjoy and have fun.

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阴沉周末之照片 8 月 23 日,台风即将远离广州,天将开未开,仍低挂阴云,只是远不如前几日那么漂亮。 那天下午,在雨停了之后,我带上快要发霉的相机去到了珠江边上,我本想...
iPhone 我已经兴奋得快说不出话来了,这就是我们期待的MacWorld!看看市场的反应吧,一夜之间Apple的股票价格飚升了8.3%达到了92.57美元。我来告诉你是什么...
周末 杂谈 终于,雨下下来了,并没有惊天动地,轻描淡写,但也足以让我出不了门。又一个凄风苦雨的周末。 之前的几个周末我已经把想得到的又没去过的远近地方都逛了个遍,现在已是...
学车记 没能按照计划借到车,本以为学车的事要黄了,可是车票也没能按计划搞到(OMG!今年到底从哪里冒出来那么多坐火车的人!),于是,悲剧又变成喜剧,成全了我与汽车的一段...


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