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For a week, this blog went, again, unaccessible (in China mainland) owing to, I guess, bad servers of China Telcom or worse politicians. Gosh, I even have on ider how much longer it will take!

During these tough days Chiu invited me (in an inefficient way) to a game — if I may call it a game, in which I need to answer copious questions and forward the questions, with one more added by me, to another 8 persons. I accepted it and took some time to finish so many questions (even silly ones) and look for next answerers. Now I’m ready and I hope my successors the same.

Since this blog is not available, I build a simple web site with Google Page Creator to post my questions and answers, as well as invitations to friends. [check it out here.]

Okay, guys, enjoy and have fun.

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(愚)人肉搜索志愿者 谷歌在招募“人肉搜索”志愿者。 不用看完就知道这是 一年一度的愚人节礼物,不过比去年推出的免费的家用宽带无线上网服务的创意逊色很多。可能这就是中国...
捡了一个大便(宜) 自从申推荐了新蛋网,我有事没事就到上面去逛逛有什么便宜货。在新蛋上大大小小也买了不少东西,从几块到几十块都有,整体感觉蛮好的,有发票,送货速度快,价钱公道还时有...
老翁逾牆走 當 facebook 和 twitter 等瘋掉的時候,我沒有說話,因為他們對我並不重要;當 YouTube 和 picasaweb 相冊等也瘋掉的時候... in beta It’s so exciting to know Google’s recently unveiled a upgraded beta ...


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