to be continued

I met Chou this noon, second time this year. We had lunch together, along with his big boss and two other people. One of the guests I met several times on the Round Table before, quite well known in the circle, but, however, I don’t like him. This guy and others talked much, I caught every word they poured on the table, but had totally no idea of what they talking about. It seems I have been away from the Hollywood for too long, I don’t know what is on and who is popular.

During the meal I had just a few words with him though, all about bullshits like buzy agenda, creazy stock market, travel plan or something, I didn’t even have an opportunity for serious conversation. Come on, did I go there just for food and small talks? I missed the chance again.

Years ago, WH quoted a quoting in a SMS sent to my, saying, “Patience will give you whatever you want. Just the time.” I though it is right, but now I don’t think so. It’s negative. You cannot manage to win with just patience. You must do something. But what can I do?

Nobody was impressive in the meeting, including me.

There were three findings after all. Finding No.1, my English is as good (If I may use this word…) as it used to be. It’s good. Finding No.2, I’m as anti-social as ever, no good at social intercourse. It’s upseting. Finding No.3, foreigners don’t like…blood food… Oops!

About my future. There is no breaking news, and no bad news either. Chou told me that everything is fine so far, all plans goes smoothly, but slow. Okay, at least, it moves forward.

I feel like I was in a room without door. Look, there’s a window in the roof.

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