my first CMB online shopping experience

While all banks denied my credit card application, China Merchants Bank (CMB, hereafter) accepted me and granted me a large line of credit, much larger than I ever expected. Wow! It’s much appreciated and hence I make the CMB my first and only choice in credit card (so far).

Almost everything with the CMB and its credit card is perfect, but the CMB internet banking. The CMB internet banking follows Microsoft’s ActiveX instead of W3C international standard, and consequently I can only use M$ Internet Explorer to login my online banking. As a Macer, I have to experience inconvenience in switching between different OS. The CMB doesn’t want to change for me. What a shame!

Okay, let’s leave the background there and go to the story. I intended to buy a mobile storage, or portable hard-disk in other words, and targeted several brands and products, like UNIS, Maxtor, BenQ and Aigo. The a product of UNIS drew the most attention of me, which has a 80G storage charging only RMB 5xx. It looks like a bargain, doesn’t it?